Business Immigration

The major advantage of business immigration is that there are no language requirements.

Canada’s Business Immigration Program seeks to promote economic development and employment by attracting people with venture capital, business acumen and entrepreneurial skills.The major advantage of business immigration is that there are no language requirements.

For all categories of business immigration including Business Investor, Business Self-Employed, Business Entrepreneur and Business Provincial Nomination, there is NO requirement to have English or French proficiency. No language test is required as part of the application.

The Business Investor category provides a faster path to immigration compared with other categories. Approvals through the Quebec program are possible within 12-18 months after application submission. Please note that these programs are currently on hold.

For more detailed information on each of the business immigration categories, please see the left bar and click on Investor, Self-Employed, Provincial Nomination, Entrepreneur.

Don’t risk the refusal of your application by just filling forms without knowledge of the law. Once an application is refused, a permanent record is created. Seek professional help from an experienced, ICCRC certified consultant. Get help via a free consultation today.

You must have knowledge of the Immigration & Refugee Protection Act, regulations, policy & relevant Federal Court decisions for a successful application.

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