Canada’s immigration laws allow appeals for refusals which apply in the cases of Family Class, Removal From Canada, and Non Compliance with Residency Requirements.  (Please see detail below.) Mr. Narang, a certified ICCRC immigration consultant, has more than 25 years experience handling complex appeals of visa refusals before the Immigration Appeal Division. He is also experienced handling refugee claims before the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB).  Further, he is experienced handling detention review and removal hearings before the Immigration Division of the IRB.  Please see Major Case Wins for details.


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1. Family Class. Appeals are possible when the refusal is of a spousal/common law application, sponsored parents, or adopted children.

2. Removal from Canada of a permanent resident visa holder.  Appeals are possible if a removal is ordered because of violation of the immigration act resulting from criminal offences and/or non compliance with terms and conditions, for example.

3.  Removal from Canada of a permanent resident or accepted refugee claimant (protected person).  Appeals are possible in case of misrepresentation, criminal violation, or non-compliance with terms and conditions.

4. Non Compliance with Residency Requirements.  Appeals are possible when a permanent resident has not complied with the number of days required to be in Canada.

Note:  Representation in an appeal requires knowledge and experience.  Don’t risk the handling of your appeal by an inexperienced person.  Check the credentials of your representative.